Jump Your Hair Repairing Mask 225 g 7.93oz

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Jump Your Hair Repairing Mask 225 g 7.93oz
JUMP YOUR HAIR offers a repair mask that deeply regenerates the hair fiber thanks to a complex of 9 effective natural active ingredients. At the center of the professional formula, the combination of keratin, hair fiber proteins and biotin, the vitamins involved in the renewal of hair and hair cells.

The repair mask JUMP YOU HAIR repairs deeply, detangles and gives shine to all types of hair. Made up of 90% natural ingredients.

1. Hydrolyzed keratin: keratin microprotein, penetrates deeply to repair and restructure permanently.
Hydrolyzed vegetable proteins: phyto-keratin, penetrates the hair fiber hardening and rejuvenating the hair.
2. Biotinvitamin B7 which stimulates their growth makes them more flexible, thick and manageable.
3. Shole olein: shea butter oil that deeply nourishes.
4. Vitamin E: it is a powerful antioxidant. It protects cells from damage caused by free radicals induced by the sun's rays.
5. Inulin: inulin is a 100% natural active ingredient of plant origin from organic agriculture, non-irritating and biodegradable, from chicory root. In addition to facilitating the detangling, it gives a feeling of lightness and softness to the hair.
6. Castor oil: traditionally used to promote hair growth, castor oil works in synergy with shea butter and carnauba wax to nourish and wrap dry and devitalized hair.
7. Carnauba wax: Carnauba wax is produced from the leaves of a Brazilian palm. Thanks to its film-forming effect, it gives shine to the hair.
8. Organic Aloe Vera: leaf juice has anti-irritant, anti-itch, moisturizing and stimulating properties.
9. Arnica Montana: the flower extract helps fight dandruff thanks to its antibacterial properties.

STRONG POINTS: - Repairer - Nourishing - Detangling - Soothing - Protective - Texturizing

USE: Apply on washed and dried hair with a towel. Distribute well. Leave on for 5 to 10 minutes, then rinse. Then we recommend using JUMP YOUR HAIR oil for treatment.

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