La Rochelle GIGA WHITE - Brighter Skin


Knowing you look bright and glowing on the outside goes a long way to making you feel lighter and brighter on the inside - especially if that look is achieved using gentle, natural plant extracts nourished by pristine mountain spring water and harvested at high altitudes in the Swiss Alps. La Rochelle certified bioactive GIGA-WHITE impacts the production of melanin in the skin to keep it at its luminous best!


   Giga White is formulated with these 7 Botanical Ingredients you will love:
1. Mallow - Reduces the appearance of skin spotting, due to its high mucilage content, the
flower extract forms a soothing, protective gel used to soothe irritated skin and helps to
heal burns, wounds, and dry hands (Malva Sylvestris) 
2. Peppermint – anti-septic and cooling (like menthol). Counters effects of sun exposure.
Contains several minerals and nutrients including; iron, manganese, magnesium, folate,
calcium, potassium, copper, omega-3 fatty acids, Vitamin A and Vitamin C. (Mentha
3. Primula – aka Cowslip; rich in salicylates, which have actions similar to aspirin,
helping to reduce inflammation; often used on sunburns and skin blemishes (Primula
4. Lady’s mantel - antioxidants help to get rid of free radicals, rich in tannins (astringent),
contains salicylic acid and is regarded to help heal wounds and prevent infection.
(Alchemilla Vulgaris)
5. Speedwell herb – vitamin rich astringent helps to heal wounds, itchy skin and skin
eruptions. (Veronica Officinalis)
6. Balm mint – derived from lemon balm leaves and has anti-viral properties. This herb
helps to soothe and calm the skin (Melissa Officinalis Leaf)

 7. Yarrow - natural anti-inflammatory, astringent and antibacterial (Achillea Millefolium)