Feret Parfumeaur Soothing Candle

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Feret Parfumeaur Soothing Candle
Feret Parfumeaur Soothing Candle

About this product

Soothing candle. A sweet floral violet fragrance straight from the beautiful city of Grasse, an emblematic city known for its perfumes. Let yourself be immersed in a wave of delicacy and serenity. The “Art-Déco” candle will bring a warm and original touch to your interior. It will perfume your room with a delicately floral atmosphere. 100% plant-based The Féret Partemporel candle is a vegetable candle made in an artisanal way. The advantages of a scented vegetable wax candle Vegetable wax is a biodegradable wax. It is made from natural materials such as soy wax and rice wax. The advantage of vegetable wax is that it does not emit any black smoke when burning. It is odorless and its combustion time is relatively slow. WE LOVE the Soothing Candle: A 100% natural wax Ecological candle, non-polluting, without black smoke, without paraffin, without toxic fumes A biodegradable wax



• Made in France

• Weight: 68.04 g (2.4 oz)

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